Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Do you want to be reminded of a call?

There's a small glitch (which I'll work on), so please follow these instructions:

"uncheck" the box that says, "Enable Multiple Event Selector".

Now, when you click the little icon (it looks like a calendar with a plus) for any call, you'll see a list on the left and lots of options!!!

***You can download the specific call into your Outlook Calendar, MSN Calendar, Yahoo and others.
***Look on the left for some cool options, including forwarding a call to a friend, sending yourself a "reminder e-mail" (and you determine when you want to get this!)
***You can even send yourself a text message to your cell phone! How cool is that? To get a message the day of (or day before) reminding you to e-mail in your submission!

As I find other things you can do, or program other things it CAN do, I'll post them here. I will also end every post with the link to the calendar, so it will never get buried! :)

Thank you for the wonderful and supportive e-mails!
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Publications Calendar

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this service! What a wonderfull idea. I am using it now.
Claudine Jackson
(aka.Chickee on the PUB board)