Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Please Help Us!!!

We are THRILLED with the response to this blog and calendar. Daily, we receive e-mails about how much it has helps, or that the calendar has assisted designers in getting calls done and in! That is GREAT.

At the same time, we've also been linked to a few sites that have conveniently begun listing calls in the last couple of months (about the time this calendar and blog were started). It seems that there's a little copy/pasting going on with credit being taken by the opening post on those sites.

We do know these are copied and pasted right from here. How would we know that? Because on the last few calls added, some verbage was changed (original to us) which did not affect the calls, but made it clear where the posts were coming from. There were also a couple of calls posted here exclusively prior to going up on the manufacturer or magazine sites.

Bottom line: Just as if you are scraplifting, CASEing, or quoting, would you PLEASE give credit where credit it due? Please feel free to link back to here (the blog) or to the calendar. Or go ahead and copy/paste from here and place it in your forum, but please credit www.pubcalls.blogspot.com as your source for the calls.

I would hate to not continue with this calendar. It's become a great resource. We just don't want to see credit taken by those that didn't do the research or receive the calls via e-mail. Thank you for your consideration!


Lu said...

what total crap. sorry to hear someone is using your information and posting it as their own. I have referred people to your site and will continue to do so.

Molly said...

I am so appreciative for what you guys are doing here, and I just want to say that asking for credit for your hard work in posting these is not at all unreasonable. These people know they should be doing that anyway! I hope a few people don't ruin it for the rest of us. Thanks again!

Sarad said...

sorry this is happening to y'all
I really appreciate doing this
I know it takes a lot of time
Keep up the great work!