Saturday, September 09, 2006

Pick Me! Pick Me! Pub Calls NEW Manufacturer Challenge!

Saturday. It's Saturday. We work so hard all week long with school or jobs or life in general. Even if you don't have Saturday's off, it's still the week end. And, with the end of the week we get to jump up and down and whoop and holler and twist and shout. So, let's kick this weekend off with the latest Pub Calls Manufacturer's Challenge!

It started with pretty mulberrys. They really kicked off the flower craze that's been going on for about a year and a half. They launched the "gotta have it because of those cute milk bottles" world. They've continued to provide us with innovative packaging and amazing products. YES...we're talking about Prima!! The Pub Calls Manufacturer's Challenge is PRIMA!!

There is NO limit on the number of layouts, cards or projects that you can send in! So show us what you've got!!! And make them creative. Like really creative. Like over-the-top-make-me-drool-I-need-to-have-the-Primas-because-of-how-they-were-used CREATIVE! Because if you show us what you've got, we'll show what we've got! How about THIS? YES...There will be more than 1 winner of this RAK!

Send your e-mail to I know we'll have a TON of entries and this may be one of the most colorful albums EVER!!! Please follow this format on your e-mails so that we can cut/paste it with your project. Seriously...we need your help on this!

First Name, Last Initial:
Screen Name:
Gallery Link:
Techniques to Admire:

Here's the vitals:
Manufacturer: Prima
Begins 9/09/06
E-mail your images by 9/21/06
Prima Album will be available to view 9/22/06

Check out your LSS for the latest from Prima. But, not everyone has an LSS to find these things, so here's some great online sources for Prima!

Please let us know if you have any questions! We can not wait to see your bloomin' creativity with this one! Ready, Set...START CREATING!!!! :)

ETA: The details I forgot! DUH! We ask that your layout/card/project be under 300k. They can be previously seen unless we say otherwise (like, if the manufacturer wants something not previously seen). We'd rather you not submit something that has already been a "winner". You can submit, and if it's picked up (like, by a magazine), just let us know so we can pull it down. You can post your entries on message board galleries. It would be nice if you credit the Pub Calls Challenge, but not necessary. Sometimes, there's a limit on the number you can submit, but not this time around! :)


Kim Ross said...

Oh boy!! Who doesn't just **LOVE** Primas? :)

Michelle W. said...

yay!!! so happy to hear about the prima challenge!!!

Trisha said...

Okay... I am so going to jump on board with challenge! Prima undoubtedly rocks my little scrap world!!!YAY!

kellie h. said...

Thanks PCP! Can't wait to see everyone's projects :)

Sandy said...

very cool! Love my primas

susan opel said...

Thanks for mentioning Luv2Scrapbook! :)