Tuesday, October 17, 2006

BAM! Paper Salon turns it up a notch!

OK, as if those RAKS weren't enough (OMG, did you see all of the goods they are putting out there for the sake of some mojo return?), now we (us Pub Calls Chicks) get an e-mail.

Paper Salon says, "We want more. So let's give more."

(Not really their words, but we're setting the scene here. Play with me, ok?)

"Ok, so what do you want to give? What would totally inspire these scrappers to go the extra mile. To want to submit an extra layout, a project with a bit-o-oomph, more meaningful while showing off the Paper Salon? What, what, what, could it be?"

*scratching head soulfully wondering what it could be.*
*What are they coming up with?*

Then, as the skies opened up, the sun beams came through and angels sang, the answer came, via g-mail. (As do most good answers)

Guest designer. Not a guest designer to be hidden in a closet like a dirty little mistress (for those Grey's fans), but a Guest Designer to show off.

A guest designer who's work and bio would be a part of the blog.
A guest designer with a photo gallery link on the Paper Salon blog.
A guest designer with mojo to share, and scrappers to share it with.

So, how's them apples??? Thank you, Paper Salon!!! We've been cleaning the keyboards with our drool since layouts started. Now, we may need one of those little sucky tubes from the dentist.

And yes, sucky tubes IS a technical term. I think. Maybe.

Good luck and get those layouts and projects and cards, OH MY, sent in for the Paper Salon Manufacturer's Album! :)

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