Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hambly Studios Manufacturer's Album: WOW

The Answer is 19,260 minutes.

The question is...How long would it have taken to do these projects if each person spent 90 minutes on them?

214 amazing, awe inspiring layouts, cards and projects with one thing in common. Hambly!

We have altered, simple, collaged, pop, heritage, cards, altered projects, subdues, bold, artsy, daring, innocent all in 1 album!

Since my words can't begin to describe this, why don't you see what adjectives you can come up with:

Hambly Manufacturer's Album

I think I'll run to the Salon while you all absorb this amazingly diverse set. ENJOY!!!


susan j said...

OMG these are sensational!! Thanks PCP for doing this. BTW how do I add my blog onto the description of my LO?

Pub Calls said...

Hi Susan, Just e-mail us. Attach your layout (it makes it easier for us to find yours!)

ck said...

wow! I feel so...humbled! what an AMAZING album! I do not envy the Hambley staff!

Mara-May* said...

Holy Moley!!! Goodness gracious great awesome pages full of Hambly!!! Seriously every single one is just FABULOUS!!!! Good luck to everyone and to Hambly. It's gonna be hard girls!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome album! JenSmack you rock! I adore your jack-o-lantern!

PCP, Was the "Salon" comment a clue about who the next manufacturer will be???

Shelly T.

Elizabeth Wickland said...

Any word on when the winner(s) will be announced? So many great entries...!

Pub Calls said...

Hi Elizabeth! Allison (from Hambly) will be back on Tuesday. They'll start going through the Album then. I'm hoping we know something by next weekend...they have a lot of amazing layouts and projects to go through! :)

We'll post the minute we know something!

Jocelyn said...

Run to the "Salon"?! Was that a hint for the upcoming album challenge? :)


Anonymous said...

whooooooooooooooah dude! There is some serious hambly love in there! Love it!

rebeccaharper said...

These layouts are amazing. do we know or will the winner be posted? good luck everyone.

Danielle Collins said...

Wow, you guys! Fantastic stuff!

LOL, Jocelyn... good call! ;)