Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pub Calls Manufacturer's Album LIVE: Paper Salon

And once again, wowed and amazed and blown away by the creativity of this industry! And I (one more time) am SO HAPPY to not be the one to decide on this!!! So, here it goes: Paper Salon Album

Kick back, relax, enjoy and be totally inspired! Congratulations to all of you for sending it...all winners in our book! :)


Linda Beeson said...

Yep - all winners! Amazing!

Sudie said...

WOW! is right. Great and amazing work.

Chris Millar said...

This album is amazing! Were there winners announced for this - did I miss it?

Pub Calls said...

No, they're still deciding!

We'll post as soon as we know something, though! :)