Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pub Calls Manufacturer Challenge: Deja Views

Manufacturer: Deja Views
Begins: 11/02/06
E-mail your images by 11/17/06
Link for the Deja Views Album will post on 11/18/06

Here's the "Challenge Rules":
1) Create a layout, card or project showcasing any of the Deja Views products.

2) E-mail a scan or digital photo of your creation to Please send your file no larger than 300kb.

3) Please include a supply list! The featured manufacturer will likely not be the only ones checking your work!!!

4) Many magazine editors also check the Pub Calls Blog. This is a fact! please let us know immediately at so that we can remove your layout! (Oh, and so we can congratulate you, also!)

5) The Pub Calls Album will be made public on November 18, 2006 in its own Pub Calls Album, with the link being sent directly to the Deja Views! This way, they can check out the submissions in an organized manner rather than checking each day. Plus...surprises are great fun! :)

6) Check the Albums on the side bar. These challenges are to encourage your use of products that you may be hanging on to, an opportunity to push yourself a bit, and a wonderful location for inspiration! These Albums are also a reference point for manufacturers, magazines or any other company looking for designers. You may submit more than one project/layout/card for the album. There is no maximum number of submissions.

7) Your layouts/cards/projects may be posted in any of your favorite galleries or submitted to any magazines, calls, contests or challenges. The Pub Calls Blog does not retain any rights to your works of art! When you e-mail your image, please include:

  • First Name, Last Initial (Screen Name)
  • A link to your online gallery
  • Supplies Used
  • Anything special you want pointed out on your project.

Please post any questions you might have in the comments or e-mail them and we'll answer ASAP. The Deja Views folks are so excited to see what you all come up with!! There will be FIVE prize winners on this challenge, and each winner will receive: 2 sheets of each paper in all three Fresh Print III product lines, 3 Paper & Pieces tablets [one in each color palette], 6 sheets Fresh Verse Vellum [2 coordinating sheets for each color palette] and 6 sheets of rubons [again, 2 coordinating sheets for each color palette]. In addition, Deja Views will feature the top five layouts on the Deja Views site!!! WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! Want to see the products that you'll win?

**Fresh Print Blue Raspberry

**Fresh Print Apple

**Fresh Print Plum

Here's some great locations to purchase the Deja Views products if you need something special:

Many of the Deja Views products are also available at Michael's Arts & Crafts stores.

Have fun with this challenge, and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!


Mary Rogers said...

very cool!
I love the Deja Views products...I actually hoarded many of the Fresh Print I can go and create with them again.


Pub Calls said...

You can do it Mary! Create, create, create! Lots and lots of inspiration and persperation goes into a good can do it! :)

Anonymous said...

Can we submit more than one layout/project?

Pub Calls said...

Yes, you can submit as many to the Album as you'd like on this one! :)

stephanie said...

oh, this sounds so good. thanks for posting.