Wednesday, December 06, 2006


jillmarie7276 said...

pub calls person ~
Not sure how you go about collecting all these calls and such (by the way - THANK YOU), but I do know of a couple other places that offer contests that I have not seen you list...can you add them to your list for future listings?

A Peek into Yesterday - they run weekly AND monthly contests

Rocky Mountain Hobbies - monthly and sometimes some special contests

CreativeXpress - Monthly Layout Contest (I got 3rd place and a $35 GC for this once) and occasionally a photo contest

Please let me know if you can add these into the mix in the future and if you are interested in knowing about these if I would find more...


Pub Calls said...

Hi Jill,

It's not letting me e-mail you (your e-mail isn't on your blog). Can you e-mail or have the sights e-mail their contests and/or calls to us at

Thank you so much!!!!

jillmarie7276 said...

Thank you, I will send a request to each of them and ask them to submit to you...hopefully they will!