Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh yea...we just couldn't stop there! Late Nighter!!!

There are still more places to visit, and prizes to be given! We just HAVE to do one more part to the Hunt! :)

You still have til noon on Wednesday to be a part of this one, and again...the first one to complete it will get a prize! :)

Scrap Galaxy: I've decided to learn to type in circles. Can you link me on how to do it? How many DT members are there? Name 2 of the recommended products from the Design Team!

Keepsake Designs/Becky Chabot: How many design teams is Becky currently on? What TV show did Becky appear on?

SugarDumplin.com: Who is the owner? And, what color is her hair? There are two types of monthly kits. What are they? What comes in the Kid's Kit? (And how cool that they have a kit for kids, huh?)

Simply Cardstock: What is the cardstock primarily sold in kits here? Name 3 manufacturer collections that have kits to match. What is this month's Treat of the Month?

MoreThanScrapbooking.com: What is the hint for next month's kit? Did you know you can buy the Pub Calls Birthday? Link us to the page for putting it in the cart! So, tell me what is in the February Kit?

Those Were The Days: Oh MY! Just for being in the Pub Calls Scavenger Hunt, you get a discount here! How much, and what's the code? (WOW, that is just SO COOL, Kirsten!) What is the title of the monthly kits?

Mosh Posh: What is the definition of addiction? February's theme is primarily what 2 colors, and link us to your absolute FAVE layout using the Feb kit. In the March sneak peek, there is a dominant transparency. Who's release is this (i.e. name the designer).

Cropaddict.com: What manufacturer is featured in the February Kit? How much does Crop Addict charge for shipping? How much do you save on a 6-month subscription?

The Scrapbooking Society: We have candles here! How many, and what's happening to them? (Whoot...thanks so much!) If I add lots of goodies to my kit, how much extra will it cost me to ship it? What is unique about the owner's children?

The Scrapbook Stand: Can you link me to some instructions to make a "cathedral card"? Hmmmm, I think I want to alter a chipboard book. Link me to one!

Technique Tuesday: Name two items carries aside from stamps. What is the name of the founder of Technique Tuesday? I LOVE the Provence alphabet stamps...seriously LOVE them! What would be the perfect Technique Tuesday stamp to compliment the swirlies in the letters? Link me to it! (there are a couple of them...you pick the best!)

Good luck and continued fun through the night! I'll see you in the afternoon to announce winners and post the prizes! Now shooooo....go...look at links! :D


Jamie said...

Whew finished but not sure they are all correct, some of those were tough

~~Lu~~ said...

I can't get the Scrapbook Society to come up

~~Lu~~ said...

Nevermind, it came up finally! lol

amy v said...

well I am sure I was not first but I did finish ... thanks for the challenge ... my wallet is a bit thinner though ** LOL **

Anonymous said...

finished finally...those were tough.

thanks for the great challenge. I agree with amy, my wallet is a bit thinner as well. lol.

julieO. said...

Oh man! I'm wiped!!! LOL! Ew, those T.T. swirly stamps were awesome!!!

Thanks again for an amazing journey, pub calls!! This must have been a lot of work for you!

Anonymous said...

noon EST or PST?

Pub Calls said...

Noon pst. :) Lots of time!

A bit lighter, girls? Did we do some shopping while out there? :))

(me too)

Rosa said...

I am wiped too! that was great seeing all the fantastic products and websites
thankyou again!

Anonymous said...

Arrrrgggg!! I can't find who's transparency it is!!! Help!!!

Anonymous said...

Finished mine this morning! Thanks PCP had a Blast


Anonymous said...

i can't find the transparency either!

Katie T. said...

just did mine, but it took me FOREVER to find that transparency!

Anonymous said...

I joined yet another kit club ... there is no LSS where I live so that is how I am justifying it - LOL.

Thanks for the tour of the scrappy sites PubCalls!!!

Anonymous said...

Ya, that transparency one was hard!!! It took me quite a while too!

Ande said...

Yeah baby!

This was a ittle tough, but fun!

Anonymous said...

I found it!!! YAH!!!

Radiogirl said...

I did not have a chance to do the contest, but I love being introduced to some new scrapbook related websites. TFS!