Sunday, February 18, 2007

Scavenger Hunt...Day 1 of 2

Today, your assignment is to visit these sites and find the items (or answers to the items) listed.

Send an e-mail with your answers and links to

The first one finished will win and exciting prize package (I'll list it tonight). There will also be three prizes (by drawing) for having all of the correct answers/links! So hurry! You have until Midnight PST to complete this leg of the hunt! :)

3 Bugs in a Rug – Link us to your favorite collection of papers, your favorite NEW Clear Stamp and your favorite NEW Design Board.

A Muse Art Stamps – Send us the links to three (3) stamps that spell the word A-R-T (pick any stamps where the first letters of the stamp name, when combined, spell ART)

Arctic Frog – Send us three links, one for your favorite collection to use for a boy, favorite collection for a girl, and the designer that scraps most like your style.

Deja Views – Send us the links to the NEW collection you would most likely use, the OLDER collection you would most likely use, and the tool you’d most likely use.

Dreamstreet Papers – How many candles does Dream Street show for the Birthday Bash? Link us to the collection that is your favorite colors and link us to the paper collection that you would use the most (have to be different collections!)

Fiber Scraps – How many colors of TintZ are there? What are WeaverZ? How many papers are in each of the Tintz paper collections?

Fiskateers – Name the four Fiskateers. What is the most recent swap hosted by the Fiskateers? What are the Fiskateers? (Exact wording from their header, please!)

Island Girl Scrapwear – What are the 4 catagories of products you can purchase from Island Girl? What is the owners name? How many phrases can you order for the Babydoll Tee?

Junkitz – Name the owners of Junkitz. Who is the only designer for Junkitz with a name on the line of paperz? What is the Junkitz Gift Certificate called?

Mustard Moon – Name the Mustard Moon owners? Pick your favorite Big Honkin’ Sticker and link it. What is paper #1060? – Name 3 members of the Design Team. What 2 items can you pre-order right now? What are the names of two of the manufacturers of Transparencies that you can purchase here?

Creative Crafts & Stickers – Check the message old is Creative Crafts and Stickers? Link us to the free downloadable fonts. Jen is the many children does she have? – Where is headquartered? How much of a rebate could you get on your next purchase? There’s a great stamping tip from February 12...what company provided the tip?

Good luck!!!! Can't wait to see who comes in first and to draw for the winners! Not to mention...looking forward to seeing your favorites! :)


angiescraps said...

Just sent mine in! This was a lot of fun and I see ALOT of stuff I want!

Thanks for the fun game!

awendybird said...

you have email! That was fun!

Katie T said...

Fun! :-)

Susan Coish said...

You've got mail!! This was a lot of fun!!

flyingmichelle said...

looks like the first emails are in.
what a fun hunt though.

momoferika said...

What fun, thank you!!

k8tykat said...

what fun, and a great way for a newbie like me to learn about products and companies. xo.

Anonymous said...

had fun with this. Thanks for another great challenge PCP!!

Sandy said...

That was fun!

Anonymous said...

Had fun though can't wait for the next one


lib said...


terylswife said...

that was fun - saw some cool stuff I hadn't seen before!

Ande said...

That was great! Got a structure fire in the middle of doing it, so I missed out on first...

HRMMM...May have to get up earlier tomorrow! LOL

Thanks for the fun!

Cindy Keery said...


I just wanted to check to see if Canadians are eligible to win? I recently entered a contest on another blog that was quite a bit of work and then at the last minute the blog owner announced that the winner had to live in the US. :-)


julieO. said...

Neat idea! Us westcoasters will have to set our alarm for tomorrow! LOL!

Lisa said...

That was lots of fun!

Pub Calls said...

I have not been given any restrictions for international with the exception of one company. :) So, if you win! We've had a lot of international winners so far in the birthday competitions! :))

Happy you all have had fun with this!!! :) Look for more tomorrow...the FINAL day of the Pub Calls Birthday Bash!

Charisma3103 said...

sent ya an email thanks for the fun

Cheryl said...

Oh No! I missed this! Just started working on it then saw it was posted YESTERDAY! *sigh*

Good luck to those who entered! :)