Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scavenger Hunt...Day 3 Part Deux!

OK, Let's kick it up a notch! Make sure you say Scavenger Hunt PART 2 on the subject line for the purpose of the drawing!

Layout Blueprints: What's the name of the newest book on pre-order? What is the pre-order date for this book? There are 4 kits for sale...who designed them?

MaryCroppins.com: What's the name of the Forum and what is pictured at the top? What happens if you order before noon? Name the three Newest Arrivals, and your favorite item from each of these manufacturers!

Scrapbookers Clubhouse: Who did the feature layout for the month? Which DT member would you like to scraplift? Link to the layout you would lift! Name 4 items in the Deliciously Delish Mini Kit.

Scrapbook Playground: What was the Question of the Day (QOTD) in the forum for Feb 19? Kristy Hallyer (on the DT) did a layout that tells the time I go to work in the morning (at my real job). What time is that? So, tell me what's new. Really...what do they have that's new? Name 3 manufacturers!

Serendipity Scrapbooks: What is the name of the February contest and who is the sponsor? What is the owner's name and what color is she wearing? Pretty metalic silver wing rub-ons for sale! Who makes those?

Eye Candy Kits: Name this month's kit...and what or who it is named for! Who is this month's Candy Girl and what is she known for? When you do a 6 month subscription, how much is it per month?

Cropper's Cottage: More than just for the girls...Name the talented guys that are a part of this team. Name the rooms of the Cropper's Cottage. Shop your way! Name the the different catagories your can shop by!

justjohanna.com: Look in the catalog and link to 3 useful things. Pick the card you'd most likely send and link it. I would love to do a stamp kit! Pick as many or as few stamps that carry a theme and build a kit that costs $25.00!

Have fun! See you in an hour! :)


Charisma3103 said...

Serendipity link isn't working

Katie T said...

cropper's cottage isn't either.

Anonymous said...

I went to serendipity thru google and croppers is a bit picky but I did get in and got the answers. keep trying.

Lisa L. said...

Just sent my answers.

Anonymous said...

Just sent mine


terylswife said...

the serendipity link take s me to scrapbooker's clubhouse... just type in www.serendipityscrapbooks.com - it will get you there.

Had no trouble with cropper's cottage, maybe cause I've visited there before, not sure.

Fun stuff again, I'm enjoying seeing more of these sites, several have been put into my favorites links

joybear said...

cropper's cottage went down...I was there and got a few then none of the pages could be displayed!?

Serendipity Scrapbooks link takes you to Scrapbookers Clubhouse.

Charisma3103 said...

Done that was fun

tammiejean said...

got it done!! Yeah

Anonymous said...

For croppers cottage, google it and viewed the cached copies of the pages. That's how I found the answers

Noo Noo said...

just sent my answers - hope it was worth it as it is 4am here in the uk.......!!!!!!

angiescraps said...

Sent mine in as well! Much FUN!

Anonymous said...

I can not figure out how to link the useful things for the Just Johanna search. Anyone have ideas?


Anonymous said...

I just googled serendipty to get the page.

Croppers cottage went down. Couldnt get it to load. So I googled it and viewed the cache files. That worked.

I couldnt get the link for the useful things either, so I liked to the page and then listed the name and ID numbers. I hope thats okay.

I went over board on our stamp kits. I'm really enjoying this kit thing. I made 5 kits. It was so much fun!

Thanks for the awesome challenges!!

Anonymous said...

For the useful things you had to go into the shop function.