Thursday, February 01, 2007

So tell us Johnny...what are today's contestants playing for?

We've already started peeking at the entries!! Can we "Press Our Luck" and stay away for the rest of the night, just waiting for more and more to be uploaded. Probably not. And we're ok with that! :) But, do you want to know what today's prizes are?

So, how do you like THEM apples! Some great prizes...and it's only day one! :) Tonight's entries will be judged by the Pub Calls People. Each of us will get to pick and choose! :D Cool, huh?

Remember, there's a link over there ------------->>>

with all of the sponsors and links to their sites! Make sure you take a moment to visit! :)

Also, to answer a question. You can upload anywhere you want. These projects are owned by YOU. But, we will be checking them out at the 3 online stores that are listed. Any other questions? :) Good luck and have fun with your projects!!! :)


flyingmichelle said...

oh and do i love them apples.
working on the party schtuff now.
what a celebration!

jenjen said...

WOWEE! Now that's some awesome party loot!!!!

Katie T. said...

wow! lots of prizes!!!

Michelle Jo Klomp said...

Great Prizes...glad I entered :-)

Michelle K

Linda Beeson said...

Party set at Scrappin' Trends

Linda Beeson said...

Card and favor gift.

V said...

Card with placeholder/party favor combo at Creative crafts and stickers!

Fun contest PubCalls, can't wait to see what you come up with next!


LynnAnne said...

What a kickoff!!!!! Can't wait to see what the next coupla weeks bring! said...

what a kick off indeed. my stuff is at creative cards & stickers
didn't know if i should post it here or the prior entry, so i posted in both - hope that's ok.

stephanie a (happyscraps)

tara said...

shoot i just saw this now!
oops too late! guess i need to read more often!
can't wait to see who wins!!!!!!!!!

Pub Calls said...

FANTASTIC JOB...every single one of you!

I hope that all of you are submitting these to Paper Crafts and some of the other magazines!

Thank you all for being a part of the first day of the Party! :)