Monday, February 05, 2007

Tsk, tsk, tsk! Did you wait til the last minute to register at a site? :)

We've received a couple of e-mails tonight from sites that you were supposed to upload to for the PageMap layouts and for the Red/Pink with Hearts Love layouts.

Yes, a bit of a log jam, so to speak!

Anyway, we were e-mailed a list of names. If you weren't able to upload layouts late tonight, please upload them in the morning as validations go through!

lol tsk, tsk, tsk. The sounds of a Pub Calls Mother! :D


Amanda VP said...

Thanks, Mom! I've learned my lesson.
Amanda VP

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so understanding on your birthday!

Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

I never did receive an email to activate my account at Cropper's Cottage.(and I have checked y spam folder) I guess they didn't really want new members that bad.:(

Pub Calls said...

Cindy, we haven't finished voting, yet! Can you please e-mail your entry to us! I know that things got a bit backed up on their site, so I apologize for that!!! We definately want to make sure that you're registered since we'll be having a stop there during the Scavenger hunt next week!!! :)

Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

Well, I misread the instructions so my layout doesn't qualify anyway. I included red and a heart but it's not about love. Unless I want to REALLY stretch it and say that I love thick socks that keep my feet warm! LOL
I'll just let this one go and continue with the rest of the challenges. :)Thanks for responding and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!