Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's the weekend! Do you know where your scrap supplies are?

A couple of reminders! Tomorrow is the last day to submit your entries for the Flair Designs Manufacturer's Album!!! We will post the Album Link on Monday and I can't even tell you how excited the Flair Team and Owners are to see the results! (hee hee, we know because of the e-mails we're getting! Believe me...seriously excited!!!)

Also, there's only 2 weeks left for the Logan Art Deckle Contest! We understand that some people are having a tough time finding the tools. Here's a link to locate the stores closest to you: Logan Graphics Locator . You should be able to find the products at most art supply stores, including Michael's, JoAnn's, Aaron Brothers and more. HEY, great way to use that 40% off coupon and have a chance at a great prize!

(And extra kudos for any Manufacturer that has the Pub Calls Calendar and Blog posted on their home page! That is so Cool with a capital "C"!!! Thanks for the link, Logan Graphics!)

Lots of new calls to get out to you before the e-mail goes out tomorrow! :)

Good luck and have fun with these! There's more to come (yep, magazine calls) tomorrow, so be sure to check back!


Lila H said...

OK, so I'm like really confused - I thought the Flair Design Manufacture Album challenge was due 4/20 and not 4/15 - HELP!!! Do I need to get a move on today?

Anonymous said...


I thought the Flair Manufacturer's Challenge deadline was April 20th as stated below!

Eek. Please clarify!


Amanda said...

Woah nelly!! Flair Designs ended yesterday? I thought we had until the 20th?