Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sometimes Wishes Do Come True!

We've received e-mails and comments about the Manufacturer's Albums, especially when it's a newer product...or one not as readily available at your LSS...or when it's something you've never worked with before. We often hear, "I wish there were examples to inspire us. Can we see ways others have used the products?"

Well, wishes do come true (said in my best Fairy God Mother voice). The current Design Team for Hambly has sent over some of their amazing work to share with everyone! While you're waiting for your orders to arrive so that you can jump on this Manufacturer Challenge, you can look at colors and designs and products and start the ideas forming in your head! :) Enjoy the Hambly Design Team Inspiration Album! (Oh, and after we've uploaded and made the Manufacturer's Challenge Album public...on the 14th of October...we will add all of these layouts for continued inspiration!)

Here's a few more just to get the salivation glands going!

Thanks for sharing the love, girls! :)

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