Friday, December 29, 2006

CONGRATULATIONS to the newest Dreamgirls!!!

Here are the newest Dreamgirls, the Dreamgirl of the Months (hee hee, isn't that cute???), and the RAK drawing winners for Dream Street Papers! It took a few extra days because you all made it SO difficult for them to choose! :)) Congratulations to all of you, and to everyone who sent in their entries! So much amazing inspiration! One of these days, I'll post e-mails that we get so that you know that these are not just contests...these are a fabulous source for scrappers, cardmakers, and paper artists!!!

3 New Dreamgirls (yes, we said 1, but they chose THREE!!!)
**Laura A
**Katrina H
**Melanie D

Dreamgirl of the Month
**Julie M - February
**Jennifer H - March
**Nancy vdB - April -
**Natalie D - May
**Lisa T - June
**Terri H - July
**Beth Root - August
**Tristann G - September
**Nathalie K - October
**Dallas V - November
**Pam T - December
**Becky T - January

RAK Drawing Winners
**Kim F
**Laura F
**Susan O

If you haven't already heard from Dream Street Papers to confirm your mailing addresses and information, you will shortly! :) Congratulations everyone!!!


Becky said...

WOOHOO Congrats to everyone!

DonnaBD said...

Congratulations to all of the new dream girls!!

Melanie said...

Thank you SO MUCH PCP!!!