Saturday, December 30, 2006

Not Enough To Do This Weekend?

How about sending in for a call or two (or ten). Here are some new ones to tempt you!

**Love is in the Details has extended their contest a couple of days, ending December 31!!!
**Rules Clarification: For The Salt Lake Tribune card contest, the rules state the the cards you submit must have two or more folds to them. We want to make sure that no one is disqualified from the contests, so be sure to check the rules! :)
**The Scrap-Tastic Fiber Scraps contest has extended their entry date to January 18th!

**Leisure Arts Books: Call for Doodled Layouts & Projects (Jan 7)
**Turtle Soup-Scrappin' Survivor: Turtle Island Challenge (Feb 1)
** Maya Road Contest (Jan 31)

DID YOU KNOW: When you go to the Pub Calls Calendar, you can hover your mouse over any call to see some of the details? SERIOUSLY! Then, if it's a call that you want all of the information on, just click "more information" at the bottom of the "balloon"! How easy is that? Just another tip from your friends at the Pub Calls Blog! :)

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