Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baghead Hall of Fame

OMG you guys, I was totally impressed with the creativity you used to create your own bag heads. There was a lot of thought put behind these! The winners of the $25 gift certificates from A Peek Into Yesterday are:

lorig - loved the hat & wrap, dahling
treasured_moments - so punk & cool; so different than my boring brown bag :)
Scrap'nelle - very pretty flowers; can I borrow your mascara?
WendyP - the judges LOVED the hair and bone structure!!
chiaohua1 - very reflective of your different roles
galwaysal - can a paper bag be a piece of art? YES!
Jenny K - we can totally understand the split personality thing
elendae - scrapbook supplies CAN be repurposed, even to make the neighbors think you are crazy

Ladies, please send an email to Because these are gift certificates, we won't need your mailing address, just your email. Congratulations, and thanks again to A Peek Into Yesterday for sponsoring!


Theresa Tyree said...

Congrats to all the winners! You guys are one creative bunch!!

Linda A. (elendae) said...

Congrats to all, and thanks again, PCP!

Donna BD said...

Congrats Linda and all of the other winners. All of the bags were great!

Jenny K said...

Congrats to all of the winners! Thanks Pub Calls and Peek! :)

wendy said...

Congrat everyone! Big thanks to Peek and PubCalls!

Ellen said...

Congrat Ladies!!! Thanks Pubcalls and Peek!


Chiao-hua said...

Thanks and congrats to everyone ! can't wait to do more challenges :)

treasured_moments said...

Congrats to everyone. I loved all the bags.

And Thanks APIY for the prizes and contest. Also thanks for the help. you guys are the best. Thanks again.

Thanks PCP. You're birthday rocks!!

treasured_moments said...
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kitty said...

Congrats all!