Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sweetness Overload

Okay, we did the sweetness and lovey thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But what about our inner angst? That yearning to express our true feelings -- to rage against the machine. Here's your opportunity, my rebellious friend. Today is being sponsored by the generous donations of Scrap Mode.

The theme for today's challenge is to create a piece that reflects a darker mood. It can be about something that makes you angry, sad, frustrated. Maybe it is something in the world at large, or maybe it is something about yourself. And when you feel that adrenalin pumping, you need to get it out somehow so today's challenge will also need to incorporate some techniques. Choose at least one technique from Plan A and at least two from Plan B to create your new piece of art.

Plan A (choose at least 1): digital element/alteration, stitching (machine or hand, not rubon or stamp), paper piecing, embossing (dry or heat), quilling, advanced stamping (bleach, stamp kiss, shaving cream, etc.)

Plan B (choose at least 2): inking, painting, sanding, paper tearing, pen work (includes doodling), chalking, regular stamping

I think you can see that I generally grouped these by skill level. If you have something else you REALLY want to try, post here & we will try to get it categorized for you. Post your creation on-line and link in the comments. The deadline will be 6 p.m. EST tomorrow, Friday, 2/16. There will be SIX lucky winners and they will all receive the entire new Scrap Mode collection. That is 36 new papers, plus new chipboard and rubons -- that is over $50 of scrap goodies!


Anonymous said...

How about using some Ranger Ink type products - like crackle paint??? how about Faux Metal technique using Perfect Pearls or similiar on chipboard to make look like weathered metal??? Could these be more advanced type techniques?

How about paper distressing techniques?

Thanks, Lila H

Pub Calls said...

Lila, the techniques you described in the first paragraph would fit into Plan A (advanced). Paper distressing I would tend to think of Plan B. This assumes you would use a distressing tool or paper crumpling. Did you have something else in mind?

AnnaB said...

Here's a link to my layout.

The title says "osynlig" which is Swedish for invisible. The journaling is about the pain after loosing a child. You can never tell from just looking at me that I am the mother of three and not just two beautiful kids.

I used the sewing machine, chalking, stamping and paper tearing.

Thank you for the challenge!

Jamie said...

This was fun and if you can not tell by my lo NO ONE touches my feet. It drives me

terylswife said...

anna, that is a beautiful LO, I am sorry for your loss.

For mine, I did a page about the lack of respect in the world... Ok, not everyone is disrespectul, but it is something I see a LOT, and this is something that really gets to me, so that is what my page is about. I used bleach stamping from the first group, and regular stamping, inking, paper tearing and pen work from the second group:

terylswife said...

oh, forgot to say, I hadn't seen the scrap mode papers before, they are cool! The girl II line is so pretty, and I am LOVIN' the bright bold colors and patterns of the boy II line!

Dena Coe said...

Here is my layout for the challenge!
This was sooo much fun. I love doing moody scrapping LOL
Thanks PCP whoever you are!!

L. Lucchese said...

My layout is about the lack of compassion. It is called "WHY" and includes heat embossing, inking, pen work and regular stamping. Thanks!

treasured_moments said...

I REALLY LOVE the graphic you have at the top of this blog entry. Can I use it in a LO?? Figured it wouldnt be right without asking. :)

~*AMY*~ said...

Here is my lo. It is about how much PMS sucks! I used machine stitching, sanding and painting.

emmy S said...

here's mine:
a layout of thing(S) which irks me.

technique: Digital element ; paper tearing ; doodling. Thanks for the challenge !

Anonymous said...

Here's a lo of my dog & his very bad habit that drives me CRAZY!

Photo altered, machine stitching, inking, doodles, stamping, tearing & sanding.



Charisma3103 said...

Here is my entry this was very tough for me to do because I usually do not talk about my feelings about my son's suicide but Thank you Pub for making me do this.

Charisma3103 said...

Oops for got to put that I used machine stitching ( my big sewing macchine) also I inked I painted I did paper tearing and I doodled a little

Trynity said...

Well here it is.. my first attempt at a Pub Calls challenge.
so very intimidating but so greatly appreciated..

here is a link to my entry for the "Sweetness Overload"

For Plan A I chose hand stitching
For Plan B I chose pen work (lots of doodling) and regular stamping (gotta love the celtic knots)

Thanks for looking

theresa lollis said...

Very fun challenge you just keep rolling them out! :) So here is mine

christine said...

here's mine:
the truth about flying

i did handstitching, stamping, tearing, pen work. :)

Anonymous said...

PubCalls - thank you for allowing me to vent about pessimist - and their opposites - optimist. Details of techniques are included with layout - enjoy and thanks.

Lila H

Susan Coish said...

Here's my LO for this challenge. I used sewing, inking and doodling. Thanks for this challenge. It was fun to scrap a photo of my daughter in one of her moods!

Susan Coish

Theresa Tyree said...

This was very hard for me to do. It makes me so sad to think about my dad, I miss him so badly.

I've really enjoyed seeing these layouts. Some have so much emotion. It's so therapeutic to create something with emotional impact instead of cutesy stuff all the time.

Theresa Tyree said...

Sorry. I forgot to add the techniques I used for the challenge:

Plan A Techniques: Digital alteration- Photo collage created in PSE 4.0; Machine Stitching
Plan B Techniques: Sanded the photos, Paper tearing, inked paper edges, distressed the tag with ink, hand journaling, regular stamping for my title.

Susan Coish said...

No word on the winners of this challenge yet? Can you tell I'm anxious? lol

Jamie said...

Im curious to see the winners also, some great entries

Charisma3103 said...

Hmmm guess pub forgot about this one lol