Thursday, February 15, 2007

Winners from the Word Challenges

Did my twisted little games mess with your minds? Bwhahahahaha. Here are the answers to the word games from yesterday.

In Other Words

  • A Stimulus Craft Seal - A Muse Art Stamps
  • FantasyTerrace Sheets - Dreamstreet Papers
  • Haven Maiden Crop Duds - Island Girl Scrapwear
  • Violet Edible-bulb Patterns - Purple Onion Designs
  • Diaphanous Completion & Badges - Transparent Touches & Tags
  • Dabbling Shade - Tinkering Ink
25 people submitted all 6 correct answers. In a random drawing of those 25, the following two winners were chosen:

Stephanie B - Scrap Galaxy goodies ($30), Deja Views goodies ($30), and a Those Were The Days kit ($28)
Anam S. - Book from Layout Blueprints ($25) and a Serendipity Scrapbooks kit ($50)

  • A grub suing 3 - 3 Bugs in a Rug
  • Craft corgi - Arctic Frog
  • Jawed vise - Deja Views
  • Fabric press - Fiber Scraps
  • Safe trikes - Fiskateers
  • Pajama throb sunburns jets - justjohanna Rubber Stamps
  • Sat round mom - Mustard Moon
  • Reading mint ski spin - Pink Martini Designs (this was the one most often missed)
  • Spears primp - Prism Papers
  • A factor gold usurps - Sugarload Products
  • A spaced perm pro - Scrapmode Paper
34 people got all answers correct and were entered into a random drawing. The winners are:

Courtney K. - a Simply Cardstock kit ($32), A Muse Art Stamps ($30), and a More Than Scrapbooking kit ($25)
Kathleen T. - FOUR kits from The Scrapbook Stand ($100)

Congratulations! Winners, please email your contact information, including mailing address, to We will then contact the sponsors for your prizes.

By the way, I wish I could take credit for some of those crazy anagrams. But I actually took the shortcut and used the Internet Anagram Server at Very handy. ;)


Ellen said...

Congrats Ladies!!!

Have fun with your winnings!


Kathleen Taylor said...

this was so much fun. thank you

Courtney said...


treasured_moments said...

OMG...I looked at that time and time again and even tried it out and it didnt fit. Silly me was spelling it wrong. Drats.

Thanks for posting the answers though. Now I wont have to go crazy. lol.

Congrats to all of you who got them and to the winners.

Anam_Kihaku said...

wow oh wow!!! i never usally win anything.. i did this last night trying to get some mojo flow going!! thank you all so much.

terylswife said...

congrats, and enjoy those fun prizes!!

Theresa Tyree said...

I really enjoyed this challenge! I just LOVE word puzzles. Thank you so much for burning up some of my brain cells! LOL!