Saturday, March 10, 2007

Isn't it funny how things happen?

During the Birthday Bash Scavenger Hunts, we mistakenly left one site out. OUCH...and they were so great throughout the Birthday Bash, including putting a Birthday Wish on their home page!!! Who was it? Well, it was Classy Coordinates! Tiare (Classy Coordinates owner), was so gracious in accepting our apology that we decided to have a special Scavenger Hunt on their site!

Oh, but what about prizes?

Interestingly enough, we also made a mistake by one product. One really really good product! Plus, we have some miscellaneous items that we will throw in as "suprise packages".

So, tonight we'll do a "Single Site Classy Coordinates Scavenger Hunt"!!

Here's a list of items to go searching for! Send your answers to

There will be one winner of $100 worth of Technique Tuesday stamps! (YEA, thanks Bev!) So, if you are the 20th person to send in the correct answers ('s not all about typing's a matter of timing!), you get the stamps!

We will also have a drawing for 2 additional "Surprise" winners! No specific sponsors...just a cool box 'o goodies!

It All About Classy Coordinates:

  • 3-part question: Tiare (the owner) will be on a television show (ok, it's a repeat, but that's ok! It's still awesome!) What is the name of the show? What is the station? When will it air (date and time)?
  • When was the first time you could order the Plush Pak? And, what's the difference between the "Plush Pak" and the "Classy Pak"?
  • There's a Club that you can join where you receive 365 of something per year (for only $12.00!!!). What's the name of the club and what do you get?
  • What are some of the FREE benefits of the Classy Pak Membership?
  • Is there a newsletter? If do you receive it?
  • What is the name of the Design Team?
  • Name the 6 designers?
  • What day of the week does Tiare ship to international orders?
  • Their Forum played BINGO on Friday (well, it looks like every Friday! FUN, huh?). What were the Bingo words on 3/9/2007?
  • What was the most recent class? And who was the instructor?
  • Sheredian posted a link to a catalog card generator! What is the site?

OK, ready, set, GO! :)

ETA: I forgot to put the closing date/time for this! You have until 6pm PST on Sunday to get your names/answers in for the drawing! I'm counting down and will announce the 15th set of correct answers to be received! As of 6:36pm (PST), we have 3 correct answers!

ETA: It's 7:30pm. Do you know where your answers are? :)) At least 10 people do as of right now!

ETA Again!: Ding, Ding, Ding...we have our first winner! Melissa Nunn, come on down! You are the lucky winner that will receive $100 worth of Technique Tuesday Stamps! Please e-mail your mailing information to! We still have two drawings that will be done tomorrow (Sunday) night at 6pm pst! So, keep going with those answers!

OK, about 15 calls to post tonight! And, time to get that blasted newsletter back on track! Did anyone else notice that I haven't actually written anything new on it in the last 3 weeks? I'll make up for it! :))


Lisa L. said...

Thanks - that was fun!

Anonymous said...

can you help i could not see the forum topics it kept on saying error

Christel said...

Had fun!!! UMMM What number was I???

Pub Calls said...

lol, you were #11 Christel!

And, I made a boo-boo. I'll post about it in a minute! YIKES!


terylswife said...

cool, the bday bash continues! LOL

Kelly said...

Yay! This makes like the *fourth* bash challenge I actually completed lol! That site looks FAB, too!!