Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Winners for the Classy Coordinates Scavenger Hunt!

I made a mistake last night. I said the 20th person would be the winner...then announced the 15th person. Give me a tiny break...I said 15 in the post a few times for a few things and got confused. Anyway, Melissa Nunn was the 15th and gets $100.00 worth of Technique Tuesday stamps! Since I made the mistake, I'm also awarding a set of Technique Tuesday Alphabet Stamps to the 20th person with the right answers!

Congratulations to #20...Beth Finley! Beth...please send your mailing information to! :)

And, there are two drawing winners that will each receive a goodie box with a variety of prizes!

The drawing winners are: Renee (mama nay) and Kelly Evans!!!

Please send your mailing address to! Congratulations everyone! :)

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